Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tales of a Classroom Move - Part 1

Three weeks ago, I was finally told by my Principal what classroom I would be moving to for next year.  We had a few options that I was mulling over and I especially wanted to go back to the room next to Ms. OCD.

Unfortunately, I was not going to be next to Ms. OCD, I'd be a little further away in a different quad.  The teacher had just recently vacated that room due to internal disputes and a sub was finishing out the year with his kids.  You can draw your own conclusions about this situation.  I'm sure you'll arrive at the correct one. ;)

So, that teacher bailed and I had this feeling that I was in for some trouble.  I moseyed over to the room on my lunch and peeked behind the cabinets.

OH BOY!  Miss Cleo has nothing on me because....  I CAN TELL THE FUTURE!  That room was a disaster.

There was literally stuff crammed into any open space.  The closet was filled to the top with garbage, like all of the cabinets.  I honestly wish I had the foresight to take some pictures because it was that horrid.

Some highlights?

  • Grade reports.... from 2003!
  • Textbooks... from the early 1990's!
  • An emergency bin... from 2000!  That no one even knew about!  Good thing we haven't had a giant earthquake.  Or that the kids never found the rope and duct tape!
  • Unopened Math Manipulatives from Lakeshore.  Good stuff too... no one knew about it.
  • About 100 yearbooks from all over Southern California!
I had some students help me throughout the last weeks of school.  We took out 9 large trashbags and took 5 trips to the library with old, outdated textbooks.  

So, today I took some pictures.  I've made progress and I've finally been able to bring over MY things into the room.

Here's just a general view of my new home.

This is ONE cabinet after I had taken a lot of stuff out of it, but still not done.  None of this stuff is mine.

Another general view of the room.

This is just some of the junk left in the closet.  That shelving unit obviously had to go because you can see it's broken and leaning on the door jam to stay upright.

So, I move that shelf and THIS IS WHAT I FOUND!  GAG!  BARF!  I mean, seriously.  WTF.  Ms. OCD was hiding in the hallway at this nonsense because it was really disgusting.

Sorry.  I just had to had this.  Because this is what was going through my head.

I'm pretty sure that these are remnants of the bugs that died in that closet, circa 2006.

Another messy cabinet.  This one housed the math manipulatives.  Everything in these cabinets are covered with a thick layer of dust.

Seriously!  Junk is just overflowing out of this room.

So - enough complaining and here is a bit of my progress. I'm not even close to putting my own stuff away.

More to come tomorrow!  I will be spending another day in my classroom getting it ready for when I head back in July.


  1. Your classroom is huge! Are all the rooms that size? If nothing else, at least you get a fresh start. I'll be in a new room/school next year and I'm kind of excited to see what I unearth.

    1. Some are a bit smaller - that's an end room. Plus, it's amazing how small it feels when you have 40 7th graders in there! :)

      A fresh start is always good!

  2. That was my first thought, too! What a huge room! And look at those high ceilings! I feel like I'm crammed into closet with my 25 adult-sized 8th graders. We hardly have room to walk!

    1. The high ceilings are nice! It makes it feel a little more roomy.

  3. Haha! Ew! That is disgusting! Haha, but is it bad that I was laughing the whole time? You should buy stock in disinfecting wipes... Good luck on finally getting to put your own stuff away!

    Loose Shoelaces

    1. Heehee, it's okay Heather. I can laugh now that all that nastiness is gone and my stuff is happily put away.

      That closet tho... ::SHUDDER:: It was gross!

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!! :) Too bad the teacher didn't leave any money laying around since she left everything else! :)


    1. I wish, right?!?!

      I tried to look on the good side of things and appreciate some of the garbage I could use... but seriously, there was a lot of junk in there.

  5. I am in a very similar situation with my new classroom for next year. I just went to drop off my boxed up things for next year and the room was a disaster. Chairs upturned, garbage everywhere, food on the floor, etc. On top of that the teacher had not labeled anything for me in the new room for the big summer clean so I spent the whole day labeling all the desks, computers, etc. so that it would be moved back into the room correctly after the custodians cleaned the floor. I have a feeling I will be going in early August to lysol everything down before I start unpacking.

    1. It's the worst feeling to have that mess of a room hanging over your head during vacation. It stinks :(


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